OMy life…………………………………………………………………… Sigh!

It’s a hard thing to talk about. So much has happened and I am trying to make sense of it all. So I am taking the advice of my boyfriend and expressing my heart through words.

If I describe myself in one word it will be INTERESTING. I am a girl who loves to laugh and have fun but at the same time enjoys standing in the corner hiding behind whoever I can find. Recently I learnt that I am an introvert which is defined as a ‘shy, reticent person’. According to oxforddictionaries.com I am ‘predominantly concerned with my own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things’ – so in other words I am a selfish person who spends most of my time enjoying my own reality than anything else KMT.

There is more to me than the definition above… So let me introduce myself. HI, my name is Oluwatoyin Williams (complicated  first name with a simple surname). I am a talkative introvert, I am not generally the first person to start a conversation but once you get me started I wont stop. I am obsessed with cupcakes and jelly babies. I try to find the positive in everything – ask my friends. Lastly but most importantly I have a lot of layers, I was once called a ‘walking contradiction’ because yeah I don’t fit into one box – I constantly teach my loved ones new aspects of me and in turn teach myself things I wasn’t even aware of.

I am not sure who will end up seeing this – I hope that through my journey of discovery that you too will be able to learn more about your self.


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